All about Wind Energy




Wind Energy is one of the renewable sources of energy. It is also one of the fastest growing renewable energy technologies worldwide.

Wind Energy is produced by the kinetic energy produced by the motion of air, which is in turn transformed into electrical energy by the use of turbines. The wind turbines are large fans which on rotating produce kinetic energy. The shaft is attached to a generator which converts the kinetic energy turned to rotational energy to electrical energy.

Major uses of wind energy are – Grinding Grain, Pumping Water and Generating electricity among others.


  • In year 2020, the countries harnessing largest amount of wind energy is Texas, Lowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois.

  • In India, Tamil Nadu harness the largest amount of wind energy, followed by Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

  • India ranks 4th in harnessing wind energy in world.

  • It gives an advantage to India in the sector of wind energy.


  • In India, the major use of wind energy is generation of electricity.

  • It is also used for providing power to cargo ships.

  • It is also used in pumping water.

  • It helps in water sports.

  • It is used in transfer of goods through means of water transport.

  • It is used in food production , through the process of transferring the wind energy in form of electricity in industries.

Win green energy


 Clean. Renewable. Efficient.


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