Enhance the life standards of tribal people

enhanced life of tribal people using renewable energy

From environmental point of view, renewable energy is beneficial for the environment as it has very less impact on atmosphere, talking about the tribal people; they also consider renewable energy not only have environmental benefits but also social, economic and cultural benefits. Various interviews with the tribes of different areas were conducted and were noted that using renewable energy reduces use and reliance on fossil fuel resources. Using renewable resources reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. We are also dependent on other nations for fuel and other resources, using these resources also reduces dependency on these and also saves huge amount of money in purchasing those. This money can be used in the development of nature-friendly resources and also develop financial incentives. As a result, popularity and usage of renewable resources will increase. The most popular benefit for tribes to use and develop renewable energy is their economic growth and development. People are planning to set up wind farm for obtaining wind energy, for this they are conducting feasibility tests to determine the wind speed and direction. Wind also fits with their cultural and spiritual beliefs, so they worship wind energy. The tribes themselves can generate wind energy and thus grow economically. This will also provide them employment.



win green energy

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