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Save energy, reduce costs and be more environmentally friendly.







 Real Life Options (RLO) is certified to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard…but what does that really mean? Joe Lee, Health and Safety Manager, who is in charge of all things environmental at RLO explains:

More and more companies are starting to take more care for their environment and Real Life Options have fully embraced this opportunity as it allows all staff, service users and families to join in and make a Real contribution. Our Environment policy clearly identifies how we want to implement our environment objectives and demonstrate a better way of doing things.

Your contribution, no matter how small the involvement may be, will give us all a sense of pride knowing that we are all having an input in to a better, safer and cleaner environment and help reduce waste and CO2 emissions. By getting actively involved and positively contributing to the environment through your ideas, skills and passion, we can all agree protecting our future through Real Life Options is certainly a worthy cause.

 As a company we can potentially save a great deal of natural resourced energy through being mindful about heating and travel and by addressing this shows we understand the need to do more to reduce our usage. Real Life Options get this and we choose to do the right thing rather than the easy thing and by doing this will make the work environment a happier place to work. 


 1. Go Digital.                                                     2. Switch lights off.                                       3. Reuse before recycle.                               4. Get sharing.                                                 5. Switch computers off.                             6. Recycle.                                                         7. Cut unnecessary travel.                           8. Save water.                                                   9. Green the commute.                              10. Bring your own lunch.


Immediate Returns


 In economics a resource is defined as a service or other asset used to produce goods and services that meet human needs and wants.[3] Economics itself has been defined as the study of how society manages and allocates its scarce resources.[4] Classical economics recognizes three categories of resources, also referred to as factors of production: land, labor, and capital.


What percentage of India's energy is renewable? 17.5%<br /> Renewable electricity generationTotal renewable energy which includes large hydro with pumped storage generation, is nearly 17.5% of total utility electricity generation in India during the year 2017–18.
What percentage of energy is renewable?

How much of U.S. energy consumption and electricity generation comes from renewable energy sources? In 2019, renewable energy sources accounted for about 11% of total U.S. energy consumption and about 17% of electricity generation

How is renewable energy related to sustainability?

Sustainable Energy is one that is able to meet the growing demand of today’s people without compromising the demand of the people that would require it in the future.Renewable energy sources have a low environmental impact, widely available and are naturally replenished.

What are the renewable energy sources?
The most popular renewable energy sources currently are:
  • Solar energy.
  • Wind energy.
  • Hydro energy.
  • Tidal energy.
  • Geothermal energy.
  • Biomass energy.
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