Vision and Mission

“Energy is contagious, positive and negative alike. I will forever be mindful of what and who I am allowing into my space.”

–Alex Elle

We are an independent power producer focused on generating and supplying power from our portfolio of renewable energy projects. We were one of the first international firms to enter the Indian market and have over 5 years experience of acquiring, project managing and operating renewable energy projects in India.

Our management has in-depth experience of developing, operating and financing power projects in India. We have a unique mix of European and Indian management, giving us a distinctive approach to managing the business as well as access to new know-how and capital for the Indian market.

What do we Do??

Win Green Energy supports several efforts to mainstream renewable energy, like promoting renewable energy products, providing awareness to the people, and ensuring a pollution free environment. Win Green Energy focuses on strengthening policies and regulations that promote renewable energy, developing a flexible electricity grid that is capable of meeting the high needs of renewable energy, finding subsidies for renewable energy projects and assisting various organizations to deploy large-scale renewable energy.


Who we are??

Win Green Energy centralizes technical support to whoever takes up green/ renewable energy access projects. We wish to be the strength of these people, who aim to make the future a better place to live. Being a part of the Nanjil Anand Foundation (a non-profit organization), Win Green Energy plays a leading role in promoting the essence of switching to renewable energy usage and stands as a center of excellence for knowledge and innovation.

Win Green Energy works to facilitate India’s wide acceptance to use cleaner and renewable energy. This will definitely aid the future by promoting clean power, energy efficiency, sustainable transport, and pollution free environment. We work for the betterment of the future generations tirelessly.

We are turning the natural flow of the ocean into clean renewable energy to power your homes, vehicles, and industry.

Our goal is to utilize the clean energy source that nature has provided us to replace polluting fossil fuels and nuclear power.

If you ever wanted to help save the planet but didn’t know-how here is your chance to make a difference! get involved!

win green energy

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